Vertrel MCA LOX Cleaning Specialty Fluid

Vertrel MCA is a powerful general-purpose degreasing cleaning fluid optimized for cleaning gaseous and liquid oxygen systems. It offers enhanced solvency and purity which makes it particularly effective for cleaning difficult soils. It delivers easy cleaning of complex systems, including tubing, gauges, pumps, filters and valves, all of which can entrap contaminants. Vertrel MCA removes contamination such as fine particulates and trapped oils. It enables reliable cleaning without mechanical scrubbing.

Key benefits of Vertrel™ MCA LOX Cleaning Specialty Fluid  include:
  • Nonflammable for maximum safety
  • Highly volatile and fast drying, for easy removal from systems
  • Available in high purity packaging for the most demanding LOX cleaning applications
  • Approved by major gas producers and aerospace manufacturers
  • Listed by ASTM and CGA (ASTM G93; CGA Directory of Cleaning Agents for Oxygen Service)
  • Passes LOX Impact test (NF EN 1997; NHB 8060.1)
  • Far faster and easier to use than aqueous cleaners
  • Compatible with commonly used materials and elastomers
  • Easily recycled and reclaimed
  • Also available in easy-to-use aerosol cans
Where to Buy
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Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-MCA16A Aerosol 0.45 k 473.1 mL
MCC-MCAGL Glass (Sample Only) 1.1 k 1 Liter
MCC-MCAGG Glass 4.5 k 3.9 Liters
MCC-MCAG Metal 4.5 k 3.9 Liters
MCC-MCAP Pail 22.7 k 19 Liters
MCC-MCAD Drum 226.8 k 200 Liters
Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-MCA16A Aerosol 1 lb. 16 oz.
MCC-MCAGL Glass (Sample Only) 2.5 lbs. 1 quart
MCC-MCAGG Glass 10 lbs. 1 Gallon
MCC-MCAG Metal 10 lbs. 1 Gallon
MCC-MCAP Pail 10 lbs. 5 Gallon
MCC-MCAD Drum 550 lbs. 55 Gallon

Technical Details

Clear, Color Liquid
PEL (ppm, 8-hr TWA)
Boiling Point)
39°C / 102°F
Chemical Family
Evaporation Rate
Active Ingredients
HFC and Trans
Ozone Impact (O.D.P.)
REACH & ELINCS Compliant
RoHS and WEEE Compliant
Safety Rating
Specific Gravity
Surface Tension
Vapor Pressure @ 20ºC