Featured MicroCare Precision Cleaners

Tergo™ Metal Cleaning Fluid

  • Based on new HFO chemistries
  • Featuring enhanced environmental benefits
  • Maximum stability and ease of recycling
  • Strong, aggressive cleaning (high Kb value)
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Tergo™ Chlorine-Free Fluid

  • The most economical co-solvent system on the market today
  • Excellent replacement for nPB, Perc or TCE
  • High-temperature cleaning of waxes and buffing compounds
  • Excellent materials compatibility
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Opteon™ Sion/ SF79 Fluid

  • Ultra-low global warming potential (GWP)
  • Optimized for critical cleaning
  • Uncompromised degreasing of heavy hydrocarbons
  • Excellent replacement for nPB, perc and TCE
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Vertrel™ SDG Degreaser

  • The solvent of choice when maximum cleaning is needed
  • Versatile cleaner of oil, grease, hydraulic fluids and silicones
  • Significantly improved safety profile over older solvents
  • Military and aerospace approvals
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