Welcome to the MicroCare Family of Critical Cleaning Products

MicroCare is the industry’s leading provider of chemistries used in vapor degreasing. MicroCare offers the industry’s broadest line of cleaning fluids. We back those products with the most experienced engineers and cleaning experts in the industry: a team with literally hundreds of years of critical cleaning know-how. All these products are optimized for cleaning strength, materials compatibility, worker safety and environmental/regulatory compliance issues, which is why MicroCare products are found in medical, aerospace, defense, electronics, photonics and many other industries. MicroCare will deliver the cleaning you need at the lowest possible cost-per-part.

Featured Products

Tergo™ High Performance Flux Remover

The Tergo™ High Performance Flux Remover is a unique chemistry which cleans all types of solders, fluxes and pastes, organics, ionics, particulates and white residues. This innovation delivers excellent results even on difficult, high-temperature lead-free solders...

Opteon® Sion™/SF79 Speciality Fluid

This is the newest cleaning innovation from MicroCare. This is a powerful, safe, nonflammable and environmentally-friendly HFO-based cleaning fluid designed for companies which need maximum cleaning power. It is a long-term answer for many critical cleaning applications.

MicroCare® HDS Heavy Duty Degreasing Solvent

This best-seller is an excellent degreaser often used to clean bearings, machined parts, stampings and precision assemblies. This highly affordable formulation offers enhanced solvency and with enhanced environmental performance when compared to older fluids...