Tergo Chlorine Free Cleaning Fluid and High Strength Degreaser

The Tergo CFCF (Chlorine Free Cleaning Fluid) is a high-temperature, high strength degreaser engineered for maximum environmental protection.

It is a two-part, nonflammable, non-chlorinated, multi-functional cleaning fluid engineered for use in vapor degreasers sometimes is referred to as a “an additve cleaning system.” The solvating additive is a proprietary, non-volatile mixture. The rinsing chemistry is a hydrofluorocarbon. Together, the system delivers excellent cleaning on all types of solder fluxes, oils, greases, waxes, and particulates, paints, buffing compounds and anti-rust agents.

All vapor degreasers use heated solvent to clean contaminated parts. Regulations have eliminated or restricted many of the traditional, vapor degreasing solvents (1,1,1 TCA, TCE, PCE, nPB, etc.) which had sufficient temperature to remove stubborn soils such as wax, pitch, and heavy greases. The newer, safer fluids boil at or below 54˚C  / 130°F, which may not introduce enough thermal energy to remove these stubborn temperature-sensitive soils. Other fluids attempt to accomplish this by enhancing their products with trans-1,2 dichloroethylene, but they may be too aggressive on certain substrates. Tergo ™ Chlorine-Free Cleaning Fluid is a high temperature degreaser which allows the option of vapor degreaser cleaning at higher operating temperatures to dissolve materials like wax and heavy hydrocarbons.

The cleaner is highly compatible with most metals, plastics and ceramics. Almost any existing two-sump vapor degreaser can be used with this product. A simple thermodynamic process inherent in the chemistry allows for maximum cleaning flexibility and broad compatibility with plastics and elastomers. The parts come out clean, dry and near room temperature.

Key Benefits of the Tergo CFCF Chlorine Free Cleaning Fluid Are:
  • The most economical co-solvent system on the market today
  • Powerful, high temperature cleaning removes insoluble contamination
  • Replacement for high Kb-value solvents such as nPB or TCE
  • Easily removes waxes and buffing compounds
  • Excellent materials compatibility
  • Superior environmental characteristics
  • Halogen-free
  • Simple operation



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