MicroCare Synthetic Grease Cleaner

The new Synthetic Grease Cleaner from MicroCare is an organic solvent with a unique additive designed to dissolve and remove modern, hard-to-clean lubricants. Synthetic lubricants are called “long-term” lubricants because they are extremely durable. That characteristic makes them ideal for applications where excessive wear and/or high heat are common, such as when the point of use is on an complex assembly where access for replacement or repair is difficult. However, these lubricants are extremely difficult to remove, for example, when the lubricant is incorrectly applied or the parts need to be cleaned. Cleaning can take hours or days. The Synthetic Grease Cleaner will remove these hybrid lubricants as quickly, easily and conveniently as traditional heavy hydrocarbon lubricants. A rinsing fluid will be required. Key benefits include:

  • Fast, reliable, highly consistent cleaning
  • Extremely cost-effective cleaning
  • Nonflammable for maximum safety
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