Precision Cleaners

These are the highest-performing cleaners from MicroCare. These deliver exceptional performance at the lowest possible cost-per-part-cleaned. These have a broad range of solvency making them particularly effective in applications where cleaning strength, materials compatibility, worker safety or environmental issues are of concern.

Flux Removers

MicroCare flux removers are the most versatile and effective PCB cleaners available on the market. These are specifically engineered to clean complex shapes with tight stand-offs. They are highly effective on the wide range of PCB materials, fluxes, pastes, coatings, and inks found on modern electronics, including those hard-to-clean lead-free fluxes

Metal Cleaners and Degreasers

In this category you will find more general cleaners and degreasers. These are highly affordable, versatile vapor degreasing fluids engineered for metals, glass, ceramics, and durable plastics. These products easily remove organic grime, oils, fingerprints and grease from machinery and parts and often replace old-style chlorinated solvents that are under increased regulatory restrictions.

Specialty Products

Low-boiling fluids have remarkable properties which enable them to be used in unexpected applications. In this category are a number of special-purpose fluids such as carrier fluids, LOX cleaners, heat transfer fluids and more. Custom formulations also are available from MicroCare; if you have a specialized requirement contact us to see if we have something in our tool kit that fits your unique application

Drying Fluids

These products are formulated to remove one very specialized type of contamination: water. These cleaners often are deployed as a final cleaning process after preliminary cleaning has been performed with aqueous systems. The primary distinction between the offerings in this category is the quantity of water to be removed

Vapor Degreaser Accessories

Vapor degreasers are simple, highly effective systems that deliver years of trouble-free cleaning. Nonetheless, some operations can be enhanced with the products found in this category