Precision Cleaners

The MicroCare® precision cleaners are a family of specialty solvents that deliver exceptional performance at the lowest possible cost-per-part-cleaned. All of these versatile fluids are ideally suited for use in either vapor degreasing equipment and/or in “cold cleaning” applications such as wiping delicate parts. They have a broad range of solvency from mild to very active, making them particularly effective in applications where materials compatibility may be a concern. In general, the MicroCare precision cleaners are cost-effective replacements for HCFC-225, most aqueous-based cleaning products, and many hydrocarbon-based choices. Click on the individual products for specific details, specifications and Safety Data Sheets. If you are just starting your research, or are narrowing your field to a few specific solvents- please contact MicroCare and we can assist you with detailed answers to help you choose the best fluid.

DuPont™ Vertrel® Fluids

The Vertrel® specialty fluids are a family of ozone-safe solvents made by the DuPont Company. Their unique physical properties and the choice of many different formulations make the Vertrel cleaners well-suited for almost every critical cleaning application. For client after client, the Vertrel products have delivered faster, better and less expensive cleaning.

Smoothing Fluids

MicroCare® Smoothing Fluids are used for the finishing touch where a smooth services finish is desired, such as Mold Masters, Finish Painting, Electroplating, and Vacuum Metallization.


MicroCare® Degreasers are versatile cleaners for metals, glass, ceramics, and durable plastics. Our products easily remove organic grime, oils, fingerprints and grease from machinery and parts.

Flux Removers

MicroCare® Flux Removers are the most versatile and effective precision cleaning products available on the market. MicroCare® Flux Removers are specifically engineered to offer a wide range of solutions for various materials and types of contaminations.

Bromothane Solvents

The Bromothane™ solvents are used for the most difficult precision cleaning applications. These bromine-based fluids remove fluxes from circuit boards and degrease metal parts. Their unique physical properties include a higher operating temperature and more aggressive cleaning, so they are suitable for challenging applications like removing waxes and buffing compounds. These attributes, combined with its nonflammable nature, thermal stability and ease of recovery make nPB an ideal choice for a broad range of applications. Bromothane™ cleaners are great replacements for the chlorinated solvents like perc and TCE, the old CFC cleaners, and ozone-depleting hydrochlorofluorocarbons like HCFC-141b and HCFC-225.