MicroCare flux removers are the most versatile and effective PCB cleaners available on the market. These are specifically engineered to clean complex shapes with tight stand-offs. They are highly effective on the wide range of PCB materials, fluxes, pastes, coatings, and inks found on modern electronics, including hard-to-clean lead free fluxes and no clean fluxes.

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Tergo HPFR High Performance Flux Remover Boil and Rinse

Tergo HPFR High Performance Flux Remover

The Tergo™ HPFR High Performance Flux Remover is a two-part cleaning fluid (an “additive solvent” system) optimized for traditional vapor degreasing. It is engineered to remove difficult-to-clean electronic assemblies and is effective on RMA, lead free and water soluble fluxes. It excels at removing stubborn white residues and difficult no-clean fluxes.

MicroCare CMS Specialty Flux Remover

MicroCare CMS Specialty Defluxing Fluid

MicroCare CMS is an excellent choice for all types of electronics; including through-hole, SMT, BGA, hybrids, flex circuits, cables and connectors. Removes any contamination likely on PCBs: fluxes, light oils, coatings and some inks. With a low surface tension and high density, it cleans under tight-fitting chips, flushing residues away. Very stable, broad materials compatibility, almost no aroma, a very good health-and-safety profile, and competitively priced.

Vertrel SFR Specialty Fluid

Vertrel SFR Specialty Fluid

Vertrel™ SFR Specialty Fluid is one of the best-selling choices from MicroCare and is excellent electronics cleaner optimized for vapor degreasing. Vertrel™ SFR out-performs all the competition when removing the high-temperature lead-free fluxes and pastes widely used in modern electronics. It has excellent solvency power for a wide range of soils including both organic and ionic soils. The low surface tension and nonflammable properties make it an ideal critical cleaning choice.

Vertel SMT Specilaty Fluid

Vertrel SMT Defluxing and Cleaning Agent

Vertrel™ SMT defluxing and cleaning agent is an established, well-proven formulation optimized for electronics cleaning. It is ideal for vapor degreasing because it has exceptional solvency power for cleaning both ionic soils and organic flux residues from PCBs. In a test of cleaning effectiveness using RMA fluxes, Vertrel™ SMT delivered lower (better) levels of ionics and residual organics when compared to the benchmark products it replaces. Vertrel™ SMT is also effective in removing heavy industrial soils (e.g., mineral oil, vacuum oil, wax, heavy grease) from parts in a short vapor degreasing cycle. 

Bromothane R Flux Remover

Bromothane R nPB Circuit Cleaner

Bromothane™ R is an exceptional circuit cleaner engineered for vapor degreasing which removes organics, ionics, particulates, fingerprints, oils, adhesives, resins, some conformal coatings and heavy greases from circuit boards and hybrids. This product easily replaces Lenium ES, Envirotech, Solvon and Ensolv products, and nPB-based circuit cleaners from other vendors. This cleaner is an excellent replacement for most ozone-depleting and chlorinated solvents.

Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-BR2L Glass 1.36 k 1 Liter
MCC-BR2P Pail 25 k 19 Liters
MCC-BR2D Drum 226.8 k 200 Liters
Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-BR2L Glass 3 lbs. 1 quart
MCC-BR2P Pail 55 lbs. 5 Gallon
MCC-BR2D Drum 500 lbs. 55 Gallon