nPB solvents – What Is nPB?

“nPB” is an abbreviation for “Normal Propyl Bromide” or “1-bromo-propane” indicated by the CAS #‎106-94-5 on Safety Data Sheets.  Based on the element bromine, nPB solvents are used in metal cleaning and electronics defluxing. It is a replacement for flammable solvents like alcohols, or old-style cleaners like CFC-113, HCFC-225, HCFC-141b, TCE, TCA and Perc.

The benefits of nPB solvents
Drawbacks of nPB solvents
  • Recent health studies have found nPB damages the nervous system, alters human DNA, impairs fertility and there is a risk of cancer
  • In June, 2020, the EPA officially added nPB to its list of hazardous air pollutants
  • As of July, 2020 nPB was sunset in Europe
  • In August 2020, the EPA published a report that states nPB “presents unreasonable risk to human health”
  • 2021-2022 is the expected nPB phaseout  period in the US, Canada and other countries
nPB Replacement Cleaners

For those proactively looking to replace nPB  for their vapor degreasing  cleaning applications, Tergo™ Metal Cleaning Fluid (MCF) makes an excellent nPB alternative.

Here are some of the benefits of Tergo MCF.

Exempt from HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutant) calculation: Tergo MCF does not require HAP testing, documentation or reporting.

Nonflammable: Tergo MCF is nonflammable, making a preferred choice of OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) officers.

Low environmental impact: With zero ozone depletion potential and a global warming potential under 10, it is a safe, sustainable nPB alternative.

Improved worker safety: Tergo MCF has an ACGIH long-term exposure limit (8-hour TWA) of 200 ppm. That is 200 times better than nPB.

Proven performer: Tergo MCF has over 5 years  of proven cleaning performance and is NASA approved.

Transition support: The MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab performs cleaning qualification trials on your parts using Tergo MCF. The MicroCare application specialists also provide ongoing transitioning support to Tergo MCF.

Low conversion cost: In many cases, Tergo MCF uses your existing equipment. After emptying and cleaning the vapor degreaser, Tergo MCF “drops in” to the machinery without an appreciable change to the cleaning process.

Same or better cleaning: Tergo MCF is lab-tested and analyzed, ensuring reliable, consistent cleaning results.

Easier maintenance: Tergo MCF does not require the stabilizers, scavengers or weekly acid acceptance tests like nPB.

Learn more about replacing nPB here.