What Is nPB?

Bromothane is sold in pails and drums“nPB” is an abbreviation for “Normal Propyl Bromide” or “1-bromo-propane” indicated by the CAS #‎106-94-5 on Safety Data Sheets. It is the active ingredient in the Bromothane™ cleaning fluids made by MicroCare. Based on the element bromine, nPB was selected by MicroCare to be the cornerstone upon which the Bromothane™ family of cleaners is built.

MicroCare chose nPB as a cleaning fluid because:

  • It is a versatile chemical and removers many types of contamination, such as oils, grease and fluxes which helps keep costs down;
  • It’s nonflammable;
  • It is easy to re-use and recycle, which protects the environment and keeps costs down;
  • It has just the right combination of chemical physical properties (boiling point, flash point, specific gravity, viscosity, surface tension, etc.) which makes it an excellent cleaner but also easy to recycle and reuse, which keeps costs down.

Compared to flammable solvents like alcohols, or old-style cleaners like CFC-113, HCFC-225, HCFC-141b, TCE, TCA, perc, most aqueous-based cleaning products and many hydrocarbon-based choices, the winner clearly is Bromothane™.