Absolutely. Maybe. Sometimes. It depends.

There are many different blends and mixtures of the MicroCare cleaners lurking in the MicroCare labs. Some involve new ingredients, like the new HFO fluids that are just coming to market. Some include extra additives that enhance cleaning but maybe have other issues, like increased cost or smell. Some have never been commercialized; they are just sitting on the shelf waiting for the right application. The clever folks in the MicroCare lab have a lot of tricks up their very long sleeves.

From your perspective, it’s really the best of all possible worlds. MicroCare has a wide array of options already on the market (which will save you money). But if you need something extra special we have the proven track record of delivering custom blends, as well.

Whatever you need for precision cleaning, the MicroCare team will field the ideal choice to get you the blend that’s right for you.


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