Vertrel SFR Specialty Fluid

Vertrel SFR Specialty Fluid is one of the best-selling choices from MicroCare and is excellent electronics cleaner optimized for vapor degreasing. Vertrel SFR out-performs all the competition when removing the high-temperature lead-free fluxes and pastes widely used in modern electronics. It has excellent solvency power for a wide range of soils including both organic and ionic soils. The low surface tension and nonflammable properties make Vertrel™ SFR Specialty Fluid an ideal critical cleaning choice.

Key benefits of the Vertrel SFR Specialty Fluid:
  • Quickly and completely removes tough, high-temperature lead-free and some no-clean flux residues
  • Fast drying; non-flammable; with superior solvency
  • Excellent toxicity profile
  • Superior replacement for nPB, TCE, HFE and HCFC-225
  • Can replace 71DA or 72DA


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