Vertrel SFR Specialty Fluid

Vertrel™ SFR Specialty Fluid is one of the best-selling choices from MicroCare and is excellent electronics cleaner optimized for vapor degreasing. Vertrel™ SFR out-performs all the competition when removing the high-temperature lead-free fluxes and pastes widely used in modern electronics. It has excellent solvency power for a wide range of soils including both organic and ionic soils. The low surface tension and nonflammable properties make it an ideal critical cleaning choice.

Key benefits of the Vertrel SFR Specialty Fluid:
  • Quickly and completely removes tough, high-temperature lead-free and some no-clean flux residues
  • Fast drying; non-flammable; with superior solvency
  • Excellent toxicity profile
  • Superior replacement for nPB, TCE, HFE and HCFC-225
  • Can replace 71DA or 72DA


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