Tergo HPFR High Performance Flux Remover

The Tergo HPFR ( High Performance Flux Remover) is a unique, two-part cleaning fluid (sometimes called an “additive solvent” system) optimized for traditional vapor degreasing equipment and processes. It is a patent-pending formulation combining a low boiling, volatile cleaning fluid with a non-volatile cleaning additive. This system is engineered to remove all fluxes and solder paste residue, including difficult-to-clean lead free fluxes and no-clean fluxes from electronic assemblies. It is effective on RMA-based, lead-free and water soluble fluxes. It excels at removing stubborn white residue and difficult no-clean fluxes. This advanced cleaning fluid also is highly effective in cleaning aged or polymerized (over-heated) fluxes and pastes. Lastly, it also can be used for precision cleaning of metals, such as SMT pallets and metal tools, especially in instances of slight oxidation and tarnishing.

Key Benefits of the Tergo™ HPFR (High Performance Flux Remover) Co-solvent System:
  • An excellent replacement for nPB and traditional chlorinated fluids
  • Drop-in replacement fluid
  • Compatible with standard vapor degreaser equipment
  • Removes no-clean, lead-free, and RMA flux residue
  • Eliminates white residue from PCBs
  • Eliminates the need for acid acceptance testing and scavengers
  • Very good compatibility with plastics and elastomers
  • Very strong cleaning results

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