MicroCare™ XH Cleaning Fluid

MicroCare XH Cleaning Fluid is versatile, light cleaner and rinsing agent


  • Versatile light-duty cleaner and rinsing agent
  • Miscible with many common lubricants –  dissolves mineral oils and other hydrocarbons
  • Precision cleaning and rinsing for removal of particulate and light soils
  • Clean optical devices, metals, ceramics, plastics and glass parts


  • An azeotrope, for maximum stability and ease of recycling
  • Eliminates the need for acid acceptance testing and scavengers
  • Specifically engineered for fast, consistent and economical cleaning in vapor degreasers
  • With a low surface tension, low viscosity and high density, it cleans great under tight-fitting chips and inside tight, complex spaces
  • Broad materials compatibility  – most plastic, ceramic and metal components
  • Nonflammable for facility safety
  • Almost no aroma for happier workers
  • Leaves no residue –  easy to get parts clean
  • MicroCare XH Cleaning Fluid is hostile to pyrogens
  • Thermally and chemically stable for long fluid life
  • Very good toxicity rating for worker and environmental safety
  • Recyclable inside a vapor degreaser
  • Chemical Family: HFC
  • kB Value: 12
  • PEL:
  • ODP: Low
  • Not a HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutant)
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