MicroCare XE Carrier Fluid and Degreaser

MicroCare XE Carrier Fluid and Rinse is a proprietary, nonflammable azeotropic solvent mixed with ethanol engineered for vapor degreasing. The XE Carrier Fluid  is a versatile light-duty cleaner and rinsing agent often selected when broad materials compatibility is desirable and when ethanol is preferred over methanol or isopropanol for worker safety reasons. It offers improved solvency of mineral oils and other hydrocarbons while maintaining excellent compatibility with most plastic, ceramic and metal components. Typical applications for the XE Carrier Fluid include precision cleaning and rinsing for removal of particulate and light soils from metal, ceramic, plastic and glass parts. Overall, this cleaner offers modest solvency while maintaining unchallenged compatibility with most components.

Key benefits of MicroCare XE Carrier Fluid and Degreaser  include:
  • Gentle cleaning with extraordinary materials compatibility
  • Nonflammable for maximum safety
  • Ethanol used for polarity instead of IPA or methanol, for regulatory compliance
  • A versatile fluid miscible with many common lubricants
  • Easily recycled and reclaimed
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