MicroCare™ CCA Specialty Defluxing Solvent

MicroCare™ CCA Specialty Defluxing Solvent is a nonflammable general purpose degreasing fluid engineered for vapor degreasing applications. The product is a light-duty cleaner with a very low boiling point and a very high density, which enhances cleaning. It is intended for precision cleaning applications to remove light to moderate organic residues in applications where maximum materials compatibility is important. It is commonly selected in metal finishing and optical environments, and certain assembly operations where a broad compatibility with a variety of substrates is required. It also can be used for gaseous oxygen (GOX) systems. It is generally safe on all common materials of construction. The product has exceptional compositional stability in a degreaser and acid testing is never required. Additional benefits include:

  • Mild, plastic-safe vapor degreasing fluid
  • SNAP-accept by US E.P.A.
  • Thermally stable, does not degrade in storage for unlimited shelf life
  • Nonflammable for maximum safety
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