Vertrel™ SMT Defluxing and Cleaning Agent

Vertrel™ SMT specialty fluid is a established, well-proven formulation optimized for electronics cleaning. It is ideal for vapor degreasing because it has exceptional solvency power for cleaning both ionic soils and organic flux residues from PCBs. In a test of cleaning effectiveness using RMA fluxes, Vertrel™ SMT delivered lower (better) levels of ionics and residual organics when compared to the benchmark products it replaces. Vertrel™ SMT is also effective in removing heavy industrial soils (e.g., mineral oil, vacuum oil, wax, heavy grease) from parts in a short vapor degreasing cycle. Other benefits include:

  • A general purpose flux remover with excellent compatibility
  • Excellent defluxing performance, even on hard-to-clean lead-free materials
  • Removal of all types and weights of organic soils
  • Versatile; an “”old reliable”” product


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