Bromothane R nPB Circuit Cleaner

Bromothane R is a highly  active nPB circuit cleaner and PCB defluxer. It is  an exceptional solvent engineered for vapor degreasing. Bromothane™ R removes organics, ionics, particulates, fingerprints, oils, adhesives, resins, some conformal coatings and heavy greases from circuit boards and hybrid circuits. This product easily replaces Lenium ES, Envirotech, Solvon and Ensolv products, and nPB-based circuit cleaner from other vendors. The Bromothane™ circuit cleaners are the only nPB-based cleaners made in the U.S. Additionally, while many companies find nPB problematic, users of Bromothane™ products will enjoy the benefits, safety and cost-savings of the unparalleled technical support from MicroCare. Companies converting from competitive products to Bromothane™ R find the transition easy, since customers can convert without the hassles of a complex requalification test. Additionally, this cleaner is an excellent replacement for most ozone-depleting and chlorinated solvents.

Key benefits of Bromothane R nPB include:
  • Very aggressive cleaner, with Kb over 100
  • Safe on most components; check on soft plastics
  • “First Fill” training program reduces costs
  • The only nPB made from domestic (USA) sources with USA quality
  • Excellent replacement for Lenium ES, Ensolv products and other chlorinated materials
Where to Buy
Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-BR2L Glass 1.36 k 1 Liter
MCC-BR2P Pail 25 k 19 Liters
MCC-BR2D Drum 226.8 k 200 Liters
Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-BR2L Glass 3 lbs. 1 quart
MCC-BR2P Pail 55 lbs. 5 Gallon
MCC-BR2D Drum 500 lbs. 55 Gallon