These are the highest-performing solvent cleaners from MicroCare. They deliver nonflammable, speedy, safe cleaning at the lowest possible cost-per-part-cleaned. These fluids have a broad range of solvency making them particularly good choices in applications where cleaning strength, materials compatibility, worker safety or environmental issues are concerns.

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Tergo TCFCF Chlorine Free Boil and Rinse Cleaning Fluid

Tergo Chlorine Free Cleaning Fluid and High Strength Degreaser

Tergo CFCF Fluid is a high-temperature, high strength degreaser. This is a two-part, nonflammable, non-chlorinated, multi-functional fluid system engineered for use in vapor degreasers and sometimes described as an “additive cleaning system.” The system delivers excellent cleaning of fluxes, oils, greases, waxes, particulates, paints, buffing compounds and anti-rust agents with excellent materials compatibility.

MicroCare HDSP Heavy Duty Degreasing Solvent

MicroCare HDS Heavy Duty Degreasing Cleaner

This best-seller is an excellent degreaser often used to clean bearings, machined parts, stampings and precision assemblies. This highly affordable formulation offers enhanced solvency and with enhanced environmental performance when compared to older fluids…

MicroCare CMS Specialty Flux Remover

MicroCare CMS Specialty Defluxing Fluid

MicroCare CMS is an excellent choice for all types of electronics; including through-hole, SMT, BGA, hybrids, flex circuits, cables and connectors. Removes any contamination likely on PCBs: fluxes, light oils, coatings and some inks. With a low surface tension and high density, it cleans under tight-fitting chips, flushing residues away. Very stable, broad materials compatibility, almost no aroma, a very good health-and-safety profile, and competitively priced.

MicroCare CCA Specialty Defluxing Solvent

MicroCare CCA Specialty Defluxing Solvent

MicroCare CCA Specialty Defluxing Solvent is a nonflammable general purpose degreasing fluid engineered for vapor degreasing applications. The product is a light-duty cleaner with a very low boiling point and a very high density, which enhances cleaning. MicroCare CCA Specialty Defluxing Solvent is intended for precision cleaning applications to remove light to moderate organic residues … Continued

MicroCare XH Specialty Fluid

MicroCare XH Cleaning Agent

MicroCare XH Precision Cleaning Fluid (check SDS sheet) is an azeotrope of HFCs mixed with heptane. This product is a versatile light-duty cleaner and rinsing agent often selected when nonflammable cleaning fluids are preferred and broad materials compatibility is required. This fluid offers improved solvency of mineral oils and other hydrocarbons while maintaining excellent compatibility … Continued

Opteon SF79 Specialty Fluid

Opteon SF79 Sion Low GWP Degreaser

This cleaning innovation is a low GWP degreaser (global warming potential) that also is powerful, safe for people, nonflammable and environmentally-friendly. Based on HFO fluids, it is designed for companies which need maximum cleaning power. Sion features the proper chemical characteristics — high vapor density, low viscosity and low surface tension — all of which improve the efficiency of the vapor degreasing cleaning making this a long-term answer for many critical cleaning applications, and is a great replacement for both old-style solvents and energy-hungry aqueous cleaners.

Vertrel SDG Specialty Fluid

Vertrel SDG Degreaser Specialty Fluid

Vertrel SDG Degreaser Specialty Fluid is the cleaner of choice when maximum degreasing power is needed. With high density, low surface tension and a high Kb value (95) Vertrel® SDG is an ideal general purpose vapor degreasing solvent. The fluid is effective on a wide range of soils including oils, greases, waxes and hydraulic fluids and even silicone residues.

Vertel SMT Specilaty Fluid

Vertrel SMT Defluxing and Cleaning Agent

Vertrel™ SMT defluxing and cleaning agent is an established, well-proven formulation optimized for electronics cleaning. It is ideal for vapor degreasing because it has exceptional solvency power for cleaning both ionic soils and organic flux residues from PCBs. In a test of cleaning effectiveness using RMA fluxes, Vertrel™ SMT delivered lower (better) levels of ionics and residual organics when compared to the benchmark products it replaces. Vertrel™ SMT is also effective in removing heavy industrial soils (e.g., mineral oil, vacuum oil, wax, heavy grease) from parts in a short vapor degreasing cycle. 

Vertel MCA Plus

Vertrel MCA Plus Specialty Fluid

Vertrel MCA Plus is one of the most powerful degreasing choices based on HFC chemistries. It offers enhanced solvency which makes it particularly effective on difficult soils. Vertrel™ MCA Plus is compatible with most elastomers, plastics, ceramics and metals. It is most popular as a cleaner for Krytox® fluorolubricants.