MicroCare offers a variety of metal cleaning solvent products and degreasers. These are highly affordable, versatile and nonflammable vapor degreasing fluids engineered for cleaning metals, glass, ceramics, and durable plastics. These products easily remove organic grime, oils, fingerprints and grease from machinery and parts and often replace old-style chlorinated solvents that are under increased regulatory restrictions.

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Tergo Metal Cleaning Fluid EU

Tergo Metal Cleaning Fluid

The Tergo Metal Cleaning Fluid is an innovative new cleaning solvent which cleans the toughest soils with an improved environmental profile. This heavy duty degreaser is based on HFO chemistries and delivers great results while protecting the planet. With an ultra-low surface tension and low viscosity, this cleaner delivers better cleaning at lower costs. It makes an excellent choice for cleaning the widest variety of metal alloys and replacing HCFCs, nPB, per and TCE.

MicroCare SGCP Synthetic Grease Cleaner

MicroCare Synthetic Grease Cleaner

The new Synthetic Grease Cleaner from MicroCare is an organic solvent with a unique additive designed to dissolve and remove modern, hard-to-clean lubricants. Synthetic lubricants are called “long-term” lubricants because they are extremely durable. That characteristic makes them ideal for applications where excessive wear and/or high heat are common, such as when the point of … Continued

MicroCare HDSP Heavy Duty Degreasing Solvent

MicroCare HDS Heavy Duty Degreasing Cleaner

This best-seller is an excellent degreaser often used to clean bearings, machined parts, stampings and precision assemblies. This highly affordable formulation offers enhanced solvency and with enhanced environmental performance when compared to older fluids…

Opteon SF79 Specialty Fluid

Opteon SF79 Sion Low GWP Degreaser

This cleaning innovation is a low GWP degreaser (global warming potential) that also is powerful, safe for people, nonflammable and environmentally-friendly. Based on HFO fluids, it is designed for companies which need maximum cleaning power. Sion features the proper chemical characteristics — high vapor density, low viscosity and low surface tension — all of which improve the efficiency of the vapor degreasing cleaning making this a long-term answer for many critical cleaning applications, and is a great replacement for both old-style solvents and energy-hungry aqueous cleaners.

Vertrel SDG Specialty Fluid

Vertrel SDG Degreaser Specialty Fluid

Vertrel SDG Degreaser Specialty Fluid is the cleaner of choice when maximum degreasing power is needed. With high density, low surface tension and a high Kb value (95) Vertrel® SDG is an ideal general purpose vapor degreasing solvent. The fluid is effective on a wide range of soils including oils, greases, waxes and hydraulic fluids and even silicone residues.

Vertrel XP Specialty Fluid

Vertrel XP Particulate Removal Specialty Fluid

This is a versatile light-duty particulate removal fluid and light-duty degreaser. It often is selected when broad materials compatibility is desirable. The fluid offers improved solvency for polar soils because it breaks the static bonds which lock particulate on to substrates. It offers excellent compatibility with glass, plastic, ceramic and metal components. Typical applications include rinsing and removal of water, particulate, light soils, disk media, cleaning head stack assemblies, optical lenses and removing fingerprints from plastic, glass and metal parts.

Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-XPGL Glass (Sample Only) 1.36 k 1 Liter
MCC-XPG Metal 4.5 k 3.9 Liters
MCC-XPP Pail 22.7 k 19 Liters
MCC-XPD Drum 272.2 k 200 Liters
Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-XPGL Glass (Sample Only) 3 lbs. 1 quart
MCC-XPG Metal 10 lbs. 1 Gallon
MCC-XPP Pail 50 lbs. 5 Gallon
MCC-XPD Drum 600 lbs. 55 Gallon
Bromothane S Specialty Degrasing Fluid

Bromothane S Degreaser

Bromothane™ S Degreaser is the best-selling nPB formulation from MicroCare. With a Kauri-Butanol [Kb] rating of 125 it easily removes organics, ionics, particulates, fingerprints, fluxes, lubricating oils, cutting oils, adhesives, resins, greases, waxes and buffing compounds. Companies converting to Bromothane™ S find the transition easy, without the hassles of a complex requalification because this cleaner replaces all chlorinated solvents, HCFC-141b, HCFC-225 and often aqueous cleaners as well.

Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-BN2L Glass 1.36 k 1 Liter
MCC-BN2P Pail 25 k 19 Liters
MCC-BN2D Drum 260 k 200 Liters
Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-BN2L Glass 3 lbs. 1 quart
MCC-BN2P Pail 55 lbs. 5 Gallon
MCC-BN2D Drum 573 lbs. 55 Gallon