Solvent drying products are formulated to remove one very specialized type of contamination: water. These nonflammable solvents will not mix with water and often are deployed as a final cleaning process after preliminary cleaning has been performed with aqueous systems. The primary distinction between the offerings in this category is the quantity of water to be removed.

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Vertrel XP10 Specialty Fluid

Vertrel XP10 Solvent Drying Specialty Fluid

Vertrelâ„¢ XP10 removes water from complex shapes or tight spaces, such as under tight-fitting PCB components or cleaning inside parts with blind holes in a process generally called “solvent drying.” This product is an excellent choice to remove small quantities of residual water, leaving the surfaces and interior spaces clean, dry and residue-free. The absorption drying function of Vertrelâ„¢ XP10 is enhanced by the superior wetting of surfaces on the parts being dried.