Aqueous Cleaning Costs Explored; Report Published

The cleaning experts at MicroCare have just completed a highly detailed study comparing the costs of aqueous cleaning to the costs of vapor degreasing cleaning. This study was managed by Mr. Rob Lee, of MicroCare, and incorporates the latest information from industry sources, customer experiences and equipment makers. The results of the study were surprising. The catalyst for the study, according to Mr. Lee, was the repeated confusion amongst customers about the difference between the cost of aqueous cleaning fluids — which often are 99% water — versus the cost of solvent cleaners, which are carefully engineered synthetic molecules formulated specifically for cleaning. Vapor degreasing systems are preferred for critical cleaning applications involving complex shapes, delicate substrates, maximum throughput or the highest cleaning standards. “The cost-per-part-cleaned of a well-tuned vapor degreaser can be as little as 1/10th the costs of an aqueous cleaner,” Mr. Lee reports. His team further calculated the capacity of a vapor degreaser is almost three times greater than the capacity of a similar-sized aqueous cleaning systems, all other factors being equal.