Tergo TCFCF Chlorine Free Boil and Rinse Cleaning Fluid

Tergo Chlorine Free Cleaning Fluid and High Strength Degreaser

Tergo CFCF Fluid is a high-temperature, high strength degreaser. This is a two-part, nonflammable, non-chlorinated, multi-functional fluid system engineered for use in vapor degreasers and sometimes described as an “additive cleaning system.” The system delivers excellent cleaning of fluxes, oils, greases, waxes, particulates, paints, buffing compounds and anti-rust agents with excellent materials compatibility.

Tergo HPFR High Performance Flux Remover Boil and Rinse

Tergo HPFR High Performance Flux Remover

The Tergo™ HPFR High Performance Flux Remover is a two-part cleaning fluid (an “additive solvent” system) optimized for traditional vapor degreasing. It is engineered to remove difficult-to-clean electronic assemblies and is effective on RMA, lead free and water soluble fluxes. It excels at removing stubborn white residues and difficult no-clean fluxes.